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IMPORTANT: Read This Page If You Suffer From Stress And/Or Anxiety

Unleash a New Life Free From Anxiety & Stress

Understand the biological, psychological and social factors that are causing you constant worry, and make simple daily changes to overcome anxiety - for a new life of contentment and wellness.

Let's Be Frank: Anxiety  is All-Consuming

Today there's a powerful, underpromoted way to overcome the constant anxiety & stress that is preventing you from enjoying the life of calm and contentment you so desperately crave.

I'm Amiee Wilson, and I am going to help you overcome stress and anxiety, for life.

My journey to becoming a Psychotherapist began with half a decade passionately helping clients as a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (R.H.N.C). 

I now use what I learned about the gut-brain connection (things that shed entirely new light on anxiety and how to overcome it), and use it in my busy counselling practice to help clients revitalize and transform their lives, using a holistic approach that goes beyond the scope of typical Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Anxiety and stress can be totally disabling. By focusing on your biology, mental health, relationships and the environment you live/work in, and what has happened in your past, it's perfectly possible to enjoy a life where anxious feelings and stress are nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

To help as many people as possible, I have decided to take all I have learned and create a video-based home study course anyone can use to overcome stress and anxiety, using skills they already possess.

This new approach takes into account more than just "how you think"....

New research shows that developing resilience to anxiety and stress requires simple, holistic changes to many aspects of your life - not just a re-framing of the way you think.
For example...


Step 1

A diet rich in wholefoods, with an eating schedule that regulates blood sugar to avoid mood swings and emotional volatility.


Step 1

Identifying what stressors and triggers exist in your daily environment, and the tools you can use to cope with them.


Step 1

Discussing and processing any childhood trauma, cognitive distortions or negative thoughts.

Introducing...'Take Your Life Back: Come to Grips With Your Anxiety'

'Take Your Life Back' is a comprehensive, current and highly-effective self-study course designed for those who are living with destructive anxiety and stress.

Through a series of videos and downloadable resources, I walk you through the simple shifts you can make in your life to overcome the anxiety and stress that is leaving you feeling exhausted, worried and holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Everything follows the holistic nutrition-environment-psychology model I have pioneered after years working in nutrition and counselling therapy.

By the end of the program, you'll be equipped and empowered with everything you need to thrive - in complete, fierce control over stress and anxiety.

Here's How I'm Going To Help You Get There...

Module 1 - The Pathway to Peace  (Value: $179)

Your new life, free from anxiety and stress, starts right here. In this first module, you'll be laying the vital foundations to achieve rapid, lifelong results.

You'll discover:

The 'Go-Getter Goals' Strategy

How to set laser-focused goals and produce positive outcomes that seep into every part of your life, mentally and physically.

The Early Morning Miracle

A proven routine to start each day with a boundless opportunity to grow - whichever side of the bed you got out of!

Scheduling Your Success

Why scheduling will transform your life and markedly reduce stress, plus the one free tool you can use today to make it almost automatic.

Module 2 - Mastering Your Emotions (Value: $247)

You'll learn to emerge victorious from your distressing thoughts and emotions. The mind-body connection is very real, and in this module I'm so excited to show you how to exploit it for an endless stream of positivity.
You'll learn:

Working with Emotions

While they're a part of you, your emotions literally have a mind of their own. I'm going to show you how to build symbiosis between you and your emotions, so you can become a winning team.

The Emotion-Nervous System Synchronicity

Every emotional reaction activates the sympathetic nervous system. Get ready to learn some basic, simple brain science that will turn your limbic system into a powerhouse.

The Mind-Body Connection

You've heard the phrase before. But do you really know what it means? Here, you're going to discover how everything we do with our body and mind radically affects the other. Not only that, but how each can fuel the other with joy and positivty.

Module 3 - Thought Awareness Mastery (Value: $279)

You might think you know how you feel, but can you really harness true awareness of your thoughts? It's simple and, when practiced, seemingly-magical things will start to happen in your life.

Be prepared to find out:

Say "No" to the NATS

Negative Automatic Thoughts control our minds day in, day out. I'm going to help you identify them, and cognitively restructure your mind so these thoughts instead fuel positive empowerment and energy.   

Kick Flawed Thinking to the Curb

How refreshing and peaceful would a life be, free from destructive thoughts? It's perfectly possible, and I'm going to show you how.  In this lesson, we'll create a solid action plan that you can start working on immediately.

Pay Attention to Your 'Monkey Mind'

Discover what the 'Monkey Mind' is, how it's keeping you in a destructive cycle of torment, and how to calm it using a Thought Record.  

Module 4 - Dig in to Your Roots 
(Value: $197)

It's time to truly look inward, dig into your past and unearth the vital understand of who you are, where you came from and the challenges you're facing. 

You'll discover:

What Are Your Deep-Rooted Beliefs?

We all have them, and they're wildly-different from person to person. I'm going to help you uncover your deep-rooted beliefs and help you embrace them and their power.

Teasing Out the Roots

Think we dug in deep before? Get ready for a real deep-dive! Even the most reserved among us will find themselves with a new sense of freedom and clarity, after following my step-by-step plan for understanding yourself better than you ever have.

The "Values" Code

Your values form the nearest and dearest "code" by which you live your life. We're going to put them into a definitive list, which is going to be a vital resource as the program progresses.

Module 5 - The Resilience Blueprint (Value: $279)

This module alone would produce radical results and launch you into a new life where stress and anxiety are nothing but a mild inconvenience. Want immediate coping strategies? It's all here.  

Be prepared to find out:

Fast-Action Coping Thoughts

How to create a set of handy 'Coping Cards' that provide instant relief when anxiety or stress brings that hitting-you-like-a-freight-train feeling.  

Your Connections

It's a word that's often overused and misunderstood. And the chances are, you're not exploiting the most important connections in your life. By the time we're done with this lesson, you'll be a master.

The Self-Compassion Secrets

Being kind to yourself is a transformative but often-ignored coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. I'm going to show you how these small moments can bring rapid relief when you're nervous, panicky or feeling disconnected from reality.  

Module 6 - The Small Things
(Value: $197)

Believe it or not, small lifestyle changes hold the power to big results. In this module, we'll cover the simple changes you can put in action today, for huge and rapid relief to your stress and axiety.

You'll discover:

Reaaaalllly Relax

The title says it all. I'm going to show you how a calm mind, and true relaxation, starts with how you breathe. It's so simple, you'll be shocked!

Sleeping Anxiety Away

You know the resorative power of sleep, but few people actually get deep enough into sleep to unleash its healing qualities. I'll show you how Progressive Muscle Relaxation will provide the best sleep (and mental calm) of your life.

Setting Up for Self-Care

Here we'll discuss even smaller, potent techniques to keep stress and anxiety at bay. I'll provide you with a cheat sheet; just choose one thing each day. Simple.

Module 7 - The Gut-Brain Connection (Value: $247)

This is my speciality, and often the missing link in other programs and therapies for helping calm stress and anxiety. We're going to dive into the all-important link between what you eat, and how it affects your mind.

You'll learn:

Why Food Matters

Obvious answer, right?! Not so fast - if you suffer from stress and anxiety, achieving the right dietary balance is absolutely vital. I'm going to show you exactly why, and how it holds the key to your calm future.

The Anxiety-Fighting Alternatives

I'll expose the foods (they're yummy and not exotic!) that have natural calming qualities, while keeping you pumped full of nutritious, positive energy.

The GAPS Diet

Never heard of the GAPS diet? It's going to change your life. I provide full menu examples of this amazing diet that is proven to assist with anxiety, depression, autism, and ADHD, as well as inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune illnesses.

Module 8 - Staying On Track
(Value: $197)

By now you would have made it to the end of the program, and you should be seeing significant changes to your stress and anxiety. But I'm not going to say "goodbye"!

You'll discover:

Relapse Prevention

Every progress chart shows dips, and your progress will be no different. At the same time, it's vital to avoid relapses. Thankfully, there's a few easy ways to stay on track, which I'm going to show you here.

What is a Relapse? Lapse?

Do you really know what a relapse is? It's not just a quick mistake, as you'll discover in this lesson.  I'm going to explain the key differences between a "relapse" and a "lapse". You'll be surprised!

Final Tips

Before we close out our time together, for now. I have some final, potent tips for you to walk proudly into your new life. Your life will never be the same again - period.

Here's a Recap of Everything You're Getting:

Core Modules:

The Pathway to Peace (Value: $179)

Mastering Your Emotions (Value: $247)

Resilience Blueprint (Value: $279)

The Small Things (Value: $197)

Gut-Brain Connection (Value: $249)

Total Value: $1,822

This is a small price to pay to rid your life of the stress and anxiety that is weighing on you so heavily.

But - for a limited time.

You don't have to pay  $1,822.

In fact, you don't even have to pay 50% of $ 1,822.

For a limited time, because I've recently launched this program and want to reward those who are willing to take action today...

You can get the entire Take Your Life Back program for the one-time special price of just:
$197 USD (Limited Time)

NOTE: If you are a member of CSNNA you may have a special discount code. Check with your association for more details. 

Join Now to Get These *Free* Fast-Action Bonuses:

I like to reward those are willing to take action. And I was thinking...what else can I provide to help you get faster results from the Take Your Life Back program?

So, I want to offer the below free bonuses, for a limited time. It's my way of rewarding those of you who are committed enough to changing your life, without leaving this page.

The Anxiety-Crushing Supplement List
(Value $97)

Discover the natural supplements that have been helping to reduce anxiety in humans for thousands of years. I give you the exact list of cheap, easily-available supplements that will sky-rocket your results and help instil additional calm in everyday life.

Super-Calm Yoga Blueprint
(Value: $109)

Never tried yoga? Already a fan but unsure how it can help reduce your stress and anxiety? In this bonus, I give you free videos of the proven, simple yoga poses you can practice at any time, to implement a wave of calm and clarity. This alone has changed the lives of many of my members.

The Mental Calm Grocery List
(Value: $147)

I present a full, comprehensive grocery list to fuel your mind and body in the right way, push anxiety/stress to the back of your life and help you thrive. Oh yes, the foods are also yummy, delicious and before long you’ll be craving them!

Free Program Updates

The Take Your Life Back program is constantly updated, and I originally planned to reserve new content for a higher tier of membership. 

For a limited time, I'll be allowing all new members to get a lifetime of free updates.

Here's a Recap of Everything You're Getting:

Core Modules:

The Pathway to Peace (Value: $179)

Mastering Your Emotions (Value: $247)

Resilience Blueprint (Value: $279)

The Small Things (Value: $197)

Gut-Brain Connection (Value: $249)

4 x Bonuses (Value: $353)

Total Value: $1,822

For a limited time, you can access the entire Take Your Life Back program; that's five core modules and four bonuses...

For Just

$197 USD

*30-Day Guarantee*

I know that if you do the work (watch the module classes, complete the worksheets and attend the group coaching calls if you purchased that add-on) you will make massive progress in eliminating your anxiety, and you’ll feel a massive shift in your confidence level and motivation.

But... If within the first 30 days of enrolling, you don’t feel like it’s for you for whatever reason, send us an email and attach your fully completed worksheets for the first 3 modules of the TYLB program and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

For a limited time, because I've just launched this program and want to reward those who are willing to take action today...

You can get the entire Take Your Life Back program for the one-time special price of just:
$197 USD (Limited Time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an online program really help my anxiety and stress?

In short, absolutely!

Not only is the program based on my vast experience as a Psychotherapist and Nutrition Professional, but the online self-paced aspect allows you to complete the course at your own pace, when it’s most convenient and private for you.

You don’t need to drive anywhere, find reasons to leave work, or study on someone else’s schedule.

What if I've never worked with a therapist or mental health professional, ever?

That's actually a good thing!

The program is designed for those who have worked with therapists before, as well as those who haven’t (or haven’t even tried to address their mental health struggles until now).

No prior knowledge is required, and I will guide you every step of the way. All you need is an open mind, and commitment.

But I don't have time to go through an online program?

Spoiler alert. Yes you do.

Sorry to rain on that excuse and shoot it down so quickly!

I’ve kept the course incredibly simple and accessible. You’ll only need to invest about 30 minutes a day, for a few weeks. It's that simple.

What else do I have to pay for?

Aside from your place on the Take Your Life Back program?

Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Nil. Zero.

Is the program confidential?

I am the only person who will see your name and your progress, and I’m bound under the confidential regulations and the ethics of my industry.

All program attendees can have my iron-clad assurance that, unless you have told people you’re working though Take Your Life Back, nobody else will know.

That’s my personal promise to you.

Is it really risk free?

Yep! I don’t want you to foot the bill unless Take Your Life Back really is the missing link between you and becoming the calm, confident and content individual you dream of.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to put the program into action before making a final commitment. If you do the work and decide it wasn’t for you, just let me know and I will refund your program fee.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts to members of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni (CSNNA). Check with your association for more details and for the coupon code. 

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